Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tonight is Francisco's birthday (check out his blog So I am excited because we are going to Denny's around 2 this morning. Takes me back to high school. Anyways its a good show tonight. On sunday I had the pleasure of seeing Workdeath, Inifinite Body, Magic Fingers and Pedestrian Deposit. All of the bands ruled. I was able to get lost in all their music and even managed to fall lightly asleep during PD. it was balanced between concious cerebral space travel through noisy ambient waves and etheral dreams and fluttering eyelids.......Enjoy the show
Download Here

Lightning Bolt- 2 Towers
Black Pus- Ghrost (New Lightning Bolt side project)
Workdeath-I am failure beneath your love
Thee Oh Sees- Drone number one
Xerxes- #4
Teenage Waistband- Beast
Feral Children- Panic Attack
music ffrom 2001: a Space Odyssey- Lux Aeterna (Ligetti)
Lucky Dragons- Shimmering Problems/On Kitchen Floors/Outside of Kitchen Windows
Banjo Beatdown- Ending Beginnings
White Rainbow- Monday Boogies Forward Together
Fuck Buttons- Space Mountain

Terry Allen -Bleeder
Space Spaghetti Western Theatre- Episode 1 (This is a Short radio play that Sean and I made. its a pretty cheesy melodrama but fun nonetheless)

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