Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I hope at least 1 person out there reads this (any of my blogs not necessarily this one)and maybe sees a band they've never heard of and listens to them, thus discovering something new they enjoy

Todays line up

Entrance Band Lookout! (by request)
Impediment-Stoned to Bed
Tha Bananas- Forbidden Fruit
Sugarcubes-Dream TV
Talking Heads-Sugar on my Tongue
Hornet Leg- Runied my Life
Black Dice- Glazin'
Exceptor- Turn Away
Casiocore- Cosmic Pants
The Shaky Hands- Love Curse
Dr. Dog-The Old Days
A Trillion Barnacled Lapse- Privacy had a Bad Ticker
Strange Gods-Hulot
Pink Floyd-One of these Days
Vladislav Delay- Kuula (Kiitos)
Phantogram- Running from the cops

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