Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teeth and Fur 10-13-09

Let this music be a gift to you

With Sean on the first hour we had some goodies tonight.

Velvet Underground- Venus in Furs
Pink Floyd- Power too it
Syd Barret-Terrapin
Frank Zappa- Peaches en Regalia
Religous Girls- Canary
Foot Village- Nationell Jamtham
Kurt Vile- Blackberry Sony
Lightning Bolt- Assassins
Robin Williams on Fire- Feelin My Fresh New Ricks
The Mall- Oakland Kids
Experts- IIIIII
Health- Die Slow

Coming in Late we started with a collabaration

Pedestrian deposit+Cloaks+Glenn Beck on "The Coming Insurrection"
George Crumb- Music of the Starry Night
Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians- Side II

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