Friday, November 27, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deviating from the Norm

In this world people eat rainbows and poop butterflies. I played a little bit more poppy stuff today and it sure was fun.....Nickelback next week! Also no teeth and fur tonight but have a great thanksgiving. well be back next week with a special live recording from LA by TAB

Girls- Life in San Francisco
Elliot Smith- Kings Crossing
Daniel Johnston- Mind Movies
Stevie Wonder- Boogie on Reggae Woman
Jr. Walker and the Rainbow Funk Allstars- Feelin' Allright
Skee-lo- Top of the Stairs
Mr. Lif- Live at the Plantation
Jingle cats- White Christmas
Videohippos- koolshades
Built to Spill- No Where Lullabye
Dead Man's Bones(featuring the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir)-My Body's a Zombie for You
Rameses III- Across the Lake is where my heart shines
Best Friends Forever- handpocket
Easter Monkeys- Underpants
Sonic Youth- teenage riot
Thee American Revolution- Powerhouse
Nirvana- About a Girl
The Temptations- Papa was a Rolling Stone


Sorry about taking so long to put up last weeks show, I haddd some friends in from out of town and was very busi/tired. In fact I'm probably too busy to be posting it up now...THIS IS TEETH AND FUR. Download here

Animal Collective- The Purple Bottle
-Religous Girls- Canary
Foot Village- Anti-magic
Lightning Bolt- Transmissionary
Peter Lamons- Leave the body behind/journey into the caverns middle earth
Gateway Evening Colours- green
Mark "Wireman" Coburn- More than Salvador Dali
Pianos become the teeth- creatures of habit
black castle- delightful contraptions
Flaming Tunes- The Best Weapon Edit
loopheadtapenoise- (The Child of Gogon) Bunhill row
Ghosthand Fister- Body Service
Sweet Trip- Tekka
Big Mehr- Tekka
Jefferson Airplane- Ask Alice
Life and Living- Sleeping Rites
Alias- Again for the First time
STR8 Sounds, Therabusive noise carnival- Revolutionary
Godspeed you black emperor!- Blaise Bailey Finnegan III with Adam Kokesh revolution Speech

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feelin Jazzy?

So this has been a great week....AGAIN! Sunday night I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing artists perform at the lodge. Little Claw couldn't Show but Wet Hair and Talk Normal were great as was Peter Lamons, who played me a special song. hooray

In other News...I had the great opportunity to cover Turbo for Bitches Brew Last Night. Check out for the latest on his show....ill be posting up soon with a guest blog entry....THANKS TURBO!

Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds
Max Richter- The Twins (Prague)
Half-Handed Cloud- Always Running Away
Animal Collective- Banshee Beat
Medeski, Martin, and Wood- bubblehouse
Ethernet- Seaside
Subtle- A Tale of Apes Part I
The Huxtables- The Wizard of Ice
Edan- Echo Party
Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite- Tears for Johannesburg
Karl Blau- Crucial Contact ( playing live @SLO Art Center w/ Lake 9-20-09 7pm)
Vic Chestnut- Dimples
MU- Blue Form
The Guess Who- No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
The Bomboras- Fiberglass Jungle
Wildlife- Telephones
The Shy Violet- Lily Eyes/ not so dead
Bear in Heaven- You Do You
The Robinson Contraption- Merry Baker Deemo

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late Night set based around nothing

Last Night was an Awesome Show.....Fancie, Played first with an awesome projected music video art piece. Followed by A.O. (Adrian Orange (and her band), Thanksgiving, Marriage Records, doin drugs..), and closing with Blues Control...With a keg at the show it was pretty awesome.....So, where were you????

Thanks for listening, Lots of calls tonight, so if that was you on any of the ones I missed call in next week.

DownLOAD for this weeks show here

White Rainbow- April 25th, 11:14pm
Julianna Barwick- Sunlight Heaven
The Slaves- Visions
Dirty Projectors- Finch's Song at Oceanic Park
Lazy Magnet- Voyage of the Universal Harmony Rainbow
Valet- A Place for a Rock
Amil Bleckie- The Eagles Summation
White Noise- My Game of Loving
Undereducated- New New Friend
Slasherrisk- Soma Tomoaki
Area C- Cercadia
OOIOO- Track 3 from Arminico Hewa
A.O.- Whateva
Bone Cloud- Campfire Excerpt
Plankton Wat- Dawn of the Golden Eternity
Tetsu Ihoue- room fx
Paper/Upper/Cuts- Time is to Hug Your Friend
Wait- from the Sounds Like Inertia Compilation
Man Beard- Smells like Potpourri
Woods- Make time for Kitty

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So this week is KCPR Auction week so if you check this blog and havent been hearing about the auction, please go to to see all the wonderful packages we put together....Its good and cheap and lots of other exclusive promo offers..
That said its a shorter show this week....Check it out

Kite Operations- Islands
Zach Hill- Stoic Logic
Dinowalrus- BEAD
(420 Special)Das EFX- 40 and a Blunt
Julian Lynch/Ducktails- Parasailing
Talk Normal- Hot Song (playing in Slo Nov. 15
Lightning Bolt- Sound Guardians
Wizardzz- Whispers from Wallface (lightning bolt vocoder side project)
Tickley Feather- Track 4
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Howling at the Moon
Statienn Hakon- Svefn
Destroyer- J. Tailor
Bug Sized Mind/Eskimo Bus- Berserker

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Decaying Roots LIVE on Teeth and Fur

Decaying roots performed a half hour noise set tonight.....
I may or may not be the only for the first time a Teeth and fur blog poll...comment below.....Is playing your own radio show unethical? I say nay....anyways tonights show was a lot of fun download the whole thing or just the live set....check the set list and you be the judge...

Download Here!!!!for the whole Show

Pink and Brown- Messy Bessy, Get Undressy
Coachwhips- PB&J
Yikes- The Wick
Need New Body- Eskimo
Melt Banana- Lost Parts Stinging me so cold
Black Dice- Koromo
Health- Die SLow
Mindflayer- a Worm is Coming
Treetops- Laffy Taffy
Casey & Brian- Animal Calls and Dance Halls
Foot Village- Death of the Endless
Raccoo-oo-oon- dust march

[Decaying Roots]-click to download

Silver Daggars- Vegan, Pagan, Reagan
A Silver Mount Zion- God Bless Our Dead Marines
Spermwhales- _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Horseheads-light feelings
Timeload Fowl- Poisoned by Ugly light Sample 1
The Gaslings-Sanibel
Etienne Jaumet- Through the Strata

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11-3-09 Smell Like Shit....?oh well

Good Shit today, little more pop some transitioning between genres during this eclectic program....oh yeah and I just gave you Swine Flu

Rameses III- We Shall Never Sing of Sorrow
Pregnant-Liquidation on Swans
Loftus- Emma's Rubber Leg
Elliot Smith- Memory Lane
Gospel Gossip-Space/Time
Sleestack-When in Rome dot-dot-dot
Lullabye-Fog Machine
The Locust- Invented Organs
Modest Mouse- Classy Plastic Lumber
The Stranglers- No More Heros
A Place to Bury Strangers- Strictly Looks
The Maytals- I'll Never Grow Old
The Ramones- Pet Cemetary
Golden Ghost- Milarepa (Moonscapes #2)
Keplar- The Changing Light at Sandover
The Cramps- Human Fly
Thee Headcoatees- Wildman
The Vendettas-Halloween
Cole-Play Out