Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11-3-09 Smell Like Shit....?oh well

Good Shit today, little more pop some transitioning between genres during this eclectic program....oh yeah and I just gave you Swine Flu

Rameses III- We Shall Never Sing of Sorrow
Pregnant-Liquidation on Swans
Loftus- Emma's Rubber Leg
Elliot Smith- Memory Lane
Gospel Gossip-Space/Time
Sleestack-When in Rome dot-dot-dot
Lullabye-Fog Machine
The Locust- Invented Organs
Modest Mouse- Classy Plastic Lumber
The Stranglers- No More Heros
A Place to Bury Strangers- Strictly Looks
The Maytals- I'll Never Grow Old
The Ramones- Pet Cemetary
Golden Ghost- Milarepa (Moonscapes #2)
Keplar- The Changing Light at Sandover
The Cramps- Human Fly
Thee Headcoatees- Wildman
The Vendettas-Halloween
Cole-Play Out

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