Wednesday, October 21, 2009

teeth and furry's

Dance john tonight.. it was mobile, bikes, speakers, furries, beer, Seans beautiful blue eyes kept all the ladies around us and now the whole party is sitting captivated listening to experimental music....join the fun. download here and check out tonights show..

Brume and artificial memory trade- Factions # 2 and 3
Kegs of Acid- Grave Ride
Prince Rama of Ayodhya-Sri Yandra
Teeth Mountain-Excerpt 1 from live on Side A
Hofwyl Plantation Sound Associates- Painted Horses
Peaking Lights- Silver Tongues of Soft Whisper
Color Rabbit- Spirits for Breakfast
King of Coma- Lingerire and Formaldehyde
Myrddin- Serengheti Circus pt. 1
Need New Body- Eskimo
Old Time Relijun- Indestructable Life
Xiu Xiu- I Love the Valley OH!!
Students of Decay- Opitope and Asuna
Concern- Young Birth Excerpt
Slow Listener- American Amber-
Grouper- Hdd the Way
Sun O))- Sin Nanna
Jack Kerouac and Pedestrian Deposit- The Sounds of the Universe Coming in my Window
Hunting Rituals- Soul Charmrmr
The Velvet Underground- Sister Ray
The Passengers- A Hello Stranger
Man Whose Afraid of His Horse------
A Space over Skies- Laika the Space Dog
Starving Wierdos- Offerings at Midnight
Sorse- White Light Preview

***Bonus Track by DJ Snails- Vivian Girls- Cant get over you

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