Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Infinite Body- And will you answer and will it matter
Mermaids- Wetdream
Campfire- Heartfriends Excerpt
I Create Soundscapes- Breather
The Third Eye of Sauron- a year ago today
Starcircleanatomy- missing missing missing/ alone zone/ ctyd
Red Coyote- Bear lake/ Dream forest
Anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War (video)
Gem Jones- Summer Science Lab
STARSKATE- Black Cloud
Black Pus- Dreamon
Space hunter-Soundwaveblaster

BONUS__________Chicago Underground Dub: 12 degrees of Freedom (entire Album, dreamy experimental free jazz)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Eric Copeland_King Tits Womb
TCB Nite Lite_ Dont do them
Timeload Fowl w/ James Fella_ 5/14/09
Leif Goldberg_Closest Day to Earth
Graves House feat. Hungrier_ Live at 578 buchon 1/7/09
It's The Ensd of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine_ The Revolution is now
YDMM_ 17:31
Nial Morgan_ Violent Passion (with excerpts from Death Row by Mumia Abu Jamal)
Spermwhales_ 4th Chakra
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BONUS_____Mulatu Astatke_Mulatu

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noise Conference June 2nd

First show of summer totally dude

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Scantily Clad- Deep Withc
Black Pus- Juggernaut
Black Dice- Ten Inches
Sun Araw-Bridal Philly
Tim Hecker- Song of the High Wire Shrimper
Eternal Tapestry- Mystic Induction
Blues Control- Rest on Water
Ducktails- Gem Part 1 and 2
Les Rallizes Denudes- The Night Collectors/ Z's-Concert Black
Moon Dog-Part II
Spermwhales- Time Warp
La Monte Young -3/5


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Techy malfunctions

Sometimes when you go into a recording room at a radio station and set it to record your radio show, and then 5 minutes into the show the program freezes and stops recording it gets frustrating especially after 2 weeks in a row. Sry for no downloads this week, hopefully the problem rights itself for next...

Pedestrian Deposit_ textile
Crimson Rainbow Facility_ The Hidden Things of Dishonesty
Leif Goldberg_Closest day to earth
Fordell Research Unit_ Black is the Colour
God Willing_Drawn Edited
Black Mountain Transmitter_Black Goat...(Extract)
Ferral Children_ Panic Attic
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo..._Concrete 1 with Mix
Gish_Viking Hacker
Frequency 528Hz (for >5min.)
Siege Engine_Untitled
The Disappearance of Planter Dwarf Pluto_Mar Negro
Lucky Dragons-Shimmering Problems/ On Kitchen Floors/ Outside of Kitchen Windows
Black Sparrow

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is Teeth and Fur.........get with it or fuuuuuuck off

cabbage patch baby?

Amil Bleckie_The Eagles Summation
Spermwhales_transparent to wavelengths
Color Rabbit_ Space Waltz
Cloaks_Music for my Memory
Taj Mahal Travellers_ Between 7:03-7:15pm
Ian Sane_Poverty
John Cage_Music For Marcel Duchamp
Philip and Patrick_ Untitled experiment with moog mg-1, Lowery Organ, Audio Generator, and a Hygro thermograph
Black Dice_Glazin
Mairead Donnelly_Black Butterfly
Teeth Gnashing_Flesh (Excerpt)
John Cage_ 4'33