Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Todays set List from my Regular Format show plenty of new suff to the station as well of plenty of old. Its funny watching a show evolve from Flying Lotus to King Crimson.

Also be sure to check the blor Tonights Teeth and Fur at 11pm and some reviews of some experimental music from Portland, Namely the TK Tapes 1 and an Arbor records zine compilation.

Flying Lotus- Parisian Goldfish
Magic Fingers- Broken Tiles
Four Tet- Ribbons
The Antlers- Sylvia
The Drums-Let's Go Surfing
Baby Sloth Spirit- FLTRMR
Mirage-Lake of Dreams
múm- Reversed Memories
Cotton Candy Kitty Fuck- Reverse Osmosis
Micachu- Vulture
Life Without Buildings- Envoy
The Underground Railroad to Candyland- Next Stop Coalinga
Spiderbags- Teenage Eyes
The Shy Violet- New Age
Os Mutantes- Teclar
Love- A House is Not a Motel
The Herbaliser Band- Mr. Chombee has the Flow
Fast Forward- John Cage Dirty Blue Mudd
Electric Tickle Machine- Blew it Again
Kid Tiger- Future Umbrella
Forest Fire Survival- I Make Windows
King Crimson- Matte Kudasai

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