Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You can download last nights show here

I started the set off with Track 2 from the Endless sea of clouds album by Spermwhales

The Goslings-Sanibel from Arbor records in Portland Check for a riview of one of their older compilations

YOKO ONO. | MUSIQUE CONCRETE.| Symphonie pour un Homme Seul. 1. (PART ONE) By Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry

Arhoolie 1040 - Bongo Joe - Transistor Radio

Ending the set with some stuff from KCPR's collection

Fiona Tyler- "Fundamentals" from the two song collection "Changing Locations: Co-op Radio Sound Art Volume II

Merzbow- Tape dada- Rembrandt Assemblance

Zipper Spy-Raw

The Slaves- Who is the Master of Them

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