Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ace Ventura -------------------------- WHEN NATURE CALLS

So, we're still getting into the blog groove, but we have the feeling that updates will be much more prompt from now on. This update represents our attempt to "step it up a notch"in terms of how "avante garde" our show is. Taking into consideration that the show is called Teeth n' Fur we have decided to look to our teethy and furry relatives for inspiration and stretch the definition of music. This time around we included a clip of underwater seal noises from Werner Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" (a truly amazing film). Here's the clip with beautiful audio and equally beautiful visual.

"They sound like Pink Floyd or something, they don't sound like animals." - scientist


Download the show here
(sorry the first few tracks have been missing from the recordings - we'll figure it out someday)

  • 01 scantily clad - deep witch
  • 02 susumu yokota - card nation
  • 03 ravi shankar + philip glass - offering
  • 04 terry riley - a rainbow in curved air
  • 05 emanuele errante - fecunda
  • 06 ducky star - mushroom pipa
  • 07 the locust - wet dream machine (request)
  • 08 black to comm - blizzard angels of the golden stratosphere
  • 09 julien neto - 25 thousand miles (JN remix)
  • 10 david holland/barre phillips - beans (request)
  • 11 OOIOO - track 06
  • 12 radio algeria - disco maghreb
  • 13 werner herzog - encounters at the end of the world seal calls
  • 14 art ensemble of chicago - theme amour universal + theme libre
  • 15 la monte young - the second dream of the high tension line (superimposed over that was an interview with la monte young)
  • 16 red krayola - former reflections
  • 17 etienne jaumet - mental vortex
  • 18 john cage - in a landscape (superimposed over that was MLK's I HAVE A DREAM ---- in honour of the man, it was his day after all --- we were the first show on air on KCPR on MLK day so we thought is appropriate (it was a lucky accident))
  • 19 youtube - zombie kid likes turtles (some where in the interim of 18 and 20)
  • 20 steve reich - pulse

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We miss you STOMPY SOOOOOO Much soo much soooo much.......

So Stompy is on hiatus. But it's alright. We (Den Mother and Batman) are here to fill in for the time being. Wolf and Bat (can you get more furry or teethy)(Bats are mammals by the way -- i.e. they have fur and teeth) will be providing you with the avant/experimental low down on KCPR every Sunday from 11pm to 1am. Yes, we have been moved to Sundays. Sorry for the delayed update. We had some technical difficulties in the transition (and we aren't very good at computers or science). But here it is. We hope you enjoy our take on teeth and fur and continue to tune in. This is our set from our first show, which took place on January 10th to 11th.


We'll upload last Sunday's show soon.

P.S. Apparently this show wasn't "avant-garde" enough. So we kicked it up a notch in the next show we did. Prepare yourself.

  • 01 the locust_invented organs
  • 02 lightening bolt_sound guardians
  • 03 om_cremation ghat 1
  • 04 ethernet_5+7=12
  • 05 grouper_heavy water/i’d rather be sleeping
  • 06 pan american_plains
  • 07 hudson mohawke_star crackout
  • 08 ramses 3_across the lake is where my heart shines
  • 09 cloaks_squirrel party/7AM (request from stompy)
  • 10 growing_first contact
  • 11 pere ubu_adult net (request from kimmy)
  • 12 black pus_the wise toad (request from stompy)
  • 13 teengirl fantasy_portofino
  • 14 kammer flimmer kollektief_jinx live at the cactus tree
  • 15 boredoms (+barrack obama speech reversed and superimposed over it)_9
  • 16 mogwai_travel is dangerous (requested by special k)
  • 17 destroy Tokyo_necklace
  • 18 religious girls_canary
  • 19 john cage_music for marcel dunchamp
  • 20 butthole surfers_the hurdy gurdy man (Donovan cover)
  • 21 terrestrial tones_sailors
  • 22 aides wolf vs. athletic automaton_elvish power
  • 23 o. lamm (w/momus)_syllabuy of errors