Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feelin Jazzy?

So this has been a great week....AGAIN! Sunday night I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing artists perform at the lodge. Little Claw couldn't Show but Wet Hair and Talk Normal were great as was Peter Lamons, who played me a special song. hooray

In other News...I had the great opportunity to cover Turbo for Bitches Brew Last Night. Check out www.brewbitchesbrew.blogspot.com for the latest on his show....ill be posting up soon with a guest blog entry....THANKS TURBO!

Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds
Max Richter- The Twins (Prague)
Half-Handed Cloud- Always Running Away
Animal Collective- Banshee Beat
Medeski, Martin, and Wood- bubblehouse
Ethernet- Seaside
Subtle- A Tale of Apes Part I
The Huxtables- The Wizard of Ice
Edan- Echo Party
Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite- Tears for Johannesburg
Karl Blau- Crucial Contact ( playing live @SLO Art Center w/ Lake 9-20-09 7pm)
Vic Chestnut- Dimples
MU- Blue Form
The Guess Who- No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
The Bomboras- Fiberglass Jungle
Wildlife- Telephones
The Shy Violet- Lily Eyes/ not so dead
Bear in Heaven- You Do You
The Robinson Contraption- Merry Baker Deemo

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