Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late Night set based around nothing

Last Night was an Awesome Show.....Fancie, Played first with an awesome projected music video art piece. Followed by A.O. (Adrian Orange (and her band), Thanksgiving, Marriage Records, doin drugs..), and closing with Blues Control...With a keg at the show it was pretty awesome.....So, where were you????

Thanks for listening, Lots of calls tonight, so if that was you on any of the ones I missed call in next week.

DownLOAD for this weeks show here

White Rainbow- April 25th, 11:14pm
Julianna Barwick- Sunlight Heaven
The Slaves- Visions
Dirty Projectors- Finch's Song at Oceanic Park
Lazy Magnet- Voyage of the Universal Harmony Rainbow
Valet- A Place for a Rock
Amil Bleckie- The Eagles Summation
White Noise- My Game of Loving
Undereducated- New New Friend
Slasherrisk- Soma Tomoaki
Area C- Cercadia
OOIOO- Track 3 from Arminico Hewa
A.O.- Whateva
Bone Cloud- Campfire Excerpt
Plankton Wat- Dawn of the Golden Eternity
Tetsu Ihoue- room fx
Paper/Upper/Cuts- Time is to Hug Your Friend
Wait- from the Sounds Like Inertia Compilation
Man Beard- Smells like Potpourri
Woods- Make time for Kitty

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