Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sorry about taking so long to put up last weeks show, I haddd some friends in from out of town and was very busi/tired. In fact I'm probably too busy to be posting it up now...THIS IS TEETH AND FUR. Download here

Animal Collective- The Purple Bottle
-Religous Girls- Canary
Foot Village- Anti-magic
Lightning Bolt- Transmissionary
Peter Lamons- Leave the body behind/journey into the caverns middle earth
Gateway Evening Colours- green
Mark "Wireman" Coburn- More than Salvador Dali
Pianos become the teeth- creatures of habit
black castle- delightful contraptions
Flaming Tunes- The Best Weapon Edit
loopheadtapenoise- (The Child of Gogon) Bunhill row
Ghosthand Fister- Body Service
Sweet Trip- Tekka
Big Mehr- Tekka
Jefferson Airplane- Ask Alice
Life and Living- Sleeping Rites
Alias- Again for the First time
STR8 Sounds, Therabusive noise carnival- Revolutionary
Godspeed you black emperor!- Blaise Bailey Finnegan III with Adam Kokesh revolution Speech

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