Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Decaying Roots LIVE on Teeth and Fur

Decaying roots performed a half hour noise set tonight.....
I may or may not be the only for the first time a Teeth and fur blog poll...comment below.....Is playing your own radio show unethical? I say nay....anyways tonights show was a lot of fun download the whole thing or just the live set....check the set list and you be the judge...

Download Here!!!!for the whole Show

Pink and Brown- Messy Bessy, Get Undressy
Coachwhips- PB&J
Yikes- The Wick
Need New Body- Eskimo
Melt Banana- Lost Parts Stinging me so cold
Black Dice- Koromo
Health- Die SLow
Mindflayer- a Worm is Coming
Treetops- Laffy Taffy
Casey & Brian- Animal Calls and Dance Halls
Foot Village- Death of the Endless
Raccoo-oo-oon- dust march

[Decaying Roots]-click to download

Silver Daggars- Vegan, Pagan, Reagan
A Silver Mount Zion- God Bless Our Dead Marines
Spermwhales- _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Horseheads-light feelings
Timeload Fowl- Poisoned by Ugly light Sample 1
The Gaslings-Sanibel
Etienne Jaumet- Through the Strata

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  1. This is Scott. I'm finally getting around to giving you the link to my stuff.