Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Symphony of the Whales

"In harmony they swim the breadth of the deep. Relax and relish the whale's thirst for tranquility"

Another Great week in SLO. Two awesome Shows this past week. One was amazing all together. The first two piece played with an entire wall of amps behind them. The second blew my mind completely. Gull was shredding guitar, killing it on the drums and screaming all at the same time. A very Talented musician I'm proud to play on my show. The Final band, Gone to Croatoan, was one of the most intense noise grind and just a raw display to behold. Last weeks show is up for download as well, so Be sure to check that out....HERE'S THE DOWNLOAD

Metal Rouge- Buy a Ghost town
Gull- Chain Saw it Coming
Gone to Croatoan- A Constant
Decaying Roots- Reaping Time
Datach'i- Macy we roll along
Bermuda Triangle- Riddles in the Sand
Moods- Symphony of the Whales
Pink Anvil- Rubber Suit
Aglaia- Seven Ancient Glaciers
Klaus Schulze- Irricht, I, Satz: Ebene
OM- Thebes
RUA MINX- 2012
Salem- Trapdoor

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