Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Money, Money, Money, money, money

BMI is reviewing my show today checking out who gets royalties and what not.....WHATEVER!

Anyways check out this sweet video:
And heres the good stuff!
Remeses III- All Shall Be Well
Ecstatic Sunshine- Tuscan
Videohippos- Bearfight
No Age- Every Artist needs a tragedy
Mindflayer- Time Tunnel/ Cosmic Crypt Chronoscape Collision Course
Massive Attack- Pray for Rain (Requested)
OOIOO- Track =8
Ponytail- Begwaves
Capgun Coup- Bad Bands
Spermwhales- Pythora
Etienne Jaumet- At the Crack of Dawn
Kria Brekken- Fondling
Edan- Echo Party
Infinity Window- Skull Theft
Ghostporn- Friends
De Vries- Slowing Down
Lymbyc System- Contemporary Art
Color Rabbit


  1. thanks for playing our song 'friends'. our band name is one work though.


  2. and by 'work' i meant word. man, it's early. thanks again though. really.


  3. thanks for checking out the blog...I corrected the name for you.. ALSO BMI will see I played you guys...CHEERS