Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Techy malfunctions

Sometimes when you go into a recording room at a radio station and set it to record your radio show, and then 5 minutes into the show the program freezes and stops recording it gets frustrating especially after 2 weeks in a row. Sry for no downloads this week, hopefully the problem rights itself for next...

Pedestrian Deposit_ textile
Crimson Rainbow Facility_ The Hidden Things of Dishonesty
Leif Goldberg_Closest day to earth
Fordell Research Unit_ Black is the Colour
God Willing_Drawn Edited
Black Mountain Transmitter_Black Goat...(Extract)
Ferral Children_ Panic Attic
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo..._Concrete 1 with Mix
Gish_Viking Hacker
Frequency 528Hz (for >5min.)
Siege Engine_Untitled
The Disappearance of Planter Dwarf Pluto_Mar Negro
Lucky Dragons-Shimmering Problems/ On Kitchen Floors/ Outside of Kitchen Windows
Black Sparrow

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