Tuesday, April 6, 2010


HELLO, it's TUESDAY. We're on from 12-2AM. There is a graveyard from 1-4AM. THUS, we will be sharing beers with forest fire here at KCPR somewhere in the overlap of those two time periods. Also, sole authority has been taken away from Batman! and Dinmother as acknowledged by the previous post. We are now [re]joined by Stompy..

so, here is what we're/you're hearing (Also click to Download! (:)

01 teeth mountain_zoz
02 werewolf unit_betula alleghaniensis
03 butt stomach_woof garten
04 man pretty_slow fags
05 american folklore_mom dub
06 human host_out of state
07 color rabbit_tribal wave
08 needle gun_share drum tuned to g marc r approved
09 fuck! don flamenco_VIII a gem of that size
10 sperm whales_weed coma
11 woodworkings_story ten jeb

xoxo gossip girl

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  1. Make with the download link already, so as I can pick-up what you are laying down. And do it forthwith, as my ears have been drooping and depressed due to your extended absence, sir.